Providing bespoke overdubs for professional use

Nowadays it has become logistically extremely difficult to record either percussion or drums in London. These instruments require a specially treated room in which to be recorded and most of the legendary recording studios have now been converted into residential accommodation.
My project studio is specifically suited to record percussion and drums and allows me to overdub parts without the need for me or the producer to travel or hire an expensive studio.
For this reason, by avoiding studio costs and a great deal of waste of time stuck in traffic or troubled by parking restrictions, I am able to offer my recording services at a very reasonable price.
Producers from anywhere in the world may hire me and receive great sounding percussion and/or drums overdubs without the need to travel to the UK.
Furthermore I am currently in the process to implement a reliable system using Skype in order to communicate with producers in real time during my recording sessions.

My percussion/drums overdubs are of a very high quality, performed with skill and accuracy and suitable for any type of commercial and professional use..

 I regularly supply overdubs for top producer Michele Chiavarini of SPRY Records and have always received great feedback from him (no pun intended)

My studio is built in a sonically treated environment and I use the best microphones and vintage pre-amplifiers available (please see my equipment section for further details)

I do not add any processing either during recording or at the bouncing stage, unless specifically requested.

This will give producers complete freedom and control over the final placement in the track and mixing.




I will need to receive guide tracks in Aiff or Wav Audio format with two bars count-in at least and details of tempo embedded (especially if there were tempo changes in the track) as well as any style desired and any other specific requirements.

Additionally I would like to be provided with a separate click track to be synchronised with the guide track.

I will deliver the finished project as individual 24bit 44.1Khz Audio files to be synchronised with the original guide track. These will be uploaded onto a dedicated and secure online server to be downloaded by the end user.

I may provide overdubs at 24bit 96Khz if specifically requested, although, in my experience, there is no need for that when recording percussion or drums..

In the past I have also been asked to compress my recordings as stereo mp3s files at 320 Kbps and transfer them urgently by e-mail (apparently without any perceivable sound degradation).


I am happy to fully produce my percussion/drum tracks on request.



Please note that all overdubs recorded in my studio are copyrighted and therefore subject to a licensing agreement which allows them to be used without restriction only in relation to the song or soundtrack which they were originally created for., without additional payment apart from the fee paid for recording them.

For this reason, my overdubs cannot be used outside that particular context whether in complete or edited form for purposes such as percussion/drum samples, Film or Television sound effects, library music (unless they were originally commissioned for that purpose) or any other use without my written consent and/or further payment.

For any comments or questions please feel free to contact me.