As you may suspect I own a multitude of percussion instruments which I have accumulated over many years playing. A lot of vintage instruments and traditional percussion that I bought around the world during my trips.



My main recording drum kit is a vintage Yamaha 9000 series Recording Custom kit which has a balanced and focussed tone, compatible with most modern styles..

I mainly use a 20" kick in the studio or sometimes a vintage Yamaha 8000 series 18" bass drum.




Here is my collection of snare drums with which I can sonically cover any styles or textures.


Vintage Roger Dyanasonic COB (chrome over brass) 14x5

Vintage Slingerland Radio King COB 14x5

DW Collector's Maple 14x5

Yamaha Tour Custom Maple 14x5

Pearl Sensitone Brass 14x5.5

Vintage Asama Maple (pre-Tama) hardwood 14x7.5



I have a large collection cymbals which comprise several vintage ones such as Zildjian K, Toscos, Zankis and Paistes as well as modern ones from Meinl, Anatolian, Bosphorus, Bliss and Amedia.

I tend to favour a darker tone which I like both live and in studio



I also own a great collection of top vintage microphones which will suit any sonic possibilities in my studio from AKG, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Electro Voice, Shure and others.



I use Neve 1073 and Avalon M5 preamplifiers.



I continue using my faithful Mac Pro system with a (now vintage) MOTU 828 Mk2 soundacard and record at 24bits at either 44.1 KHz or 48KHz, which seems to be well accepted by most of the producers I work with but I can also record at 96KHz if preferred.



Apple Logic Pro



I normally record overdubs without any compression or EQ applied and deliver them as single tracks, all beginning at bar 1 but I am happy to produce them and mix them if this is preferred. I normally require producers to send me a guide track with tempo information embedded (especially if this has tempo changes) and two bars count-in.