As you may suspect I own a multitude of percussion instruments that could easily fill a couple of large rooms up to the ceiling! The majority are professional level Meinl Percussion instruments, which I endorse, as well as many other vintage and traditional instruments that I bought around the world during my trips.



My main recording drum kit is a vintage Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom kit which I absolutely adore.

It comes with a 20" kick or a vintage 18" Yamaha 8000 one and assorted with a variety of tom sizes ranging from 8" rack tom up to a 14" and/or 15" floor toms depending on the requirements.



As for my main drum kits, my snare drums are also all vintage pieces with which I am able to sonically cover most of the styles:


Roger Dyanasonic COB (chrome over brass) 14x5

Slingerland Radio King COB 14x5

DW Collector's Maple wood 14x5

Pearl Sensitone Brass 14x5.5

Pearl Sensitone Steel 14x5.5

Ludwig Acrolite Aluminium 14x5

Asama (vintage) Maple wood 14x8

Yamaha Tour Custom Maple 14x5



I have a large collection cymbals which comprise several vintage ones such as Tosco, Zanki and Paiste as well as modern ones from Meinl, Bliss and Amedia. However I am still searching for my ideal cymbals...

I tend to favour a darker tone which I like both live and in studio



I also own a great collection of top vintage microphones which will suit any sonic possibilities in my studio from AKG, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Electro Voice, Shure and others.



I mainly use Universal Audio preamplifiers.



MOTU 828 x2 (up to 20 tracks) recording at 24bits 44.1 KHz



Apple Logic Audio Pro